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Your wedding is an incredibly special day, and deserves to be celebrated in a way that reflects your personal values and preferences. As concerns for our climate grow, one thought lingering in many couples’ minds is their impact on the environment, particularly on a day as resource-intensive as a wedding.

Fortunately, there are many small decisions that can be made to reduce your impact on the environment, one of which is by opting for eco-friendly decor. Decorations are often considered one-time-use items, which means they can contribute to a large amount of waste post-ceremony. By incorporating eco-friendly decor into your wedding, you can create a beautiful and sustainable day without worrying about your environmental impact.

Macrame vases

Macrame is a knotting technique that can be used to create stunning works of art from simple natural materials, such as cotton or jute. It’s an incredibly versatile craft, and can be used in a variety of different ways on your wedding day.

One of the most popular ways to use macrame is to create coverings for glass bottles and vases, easily transforming a simple container into a beautiful statement piece. This is a great idea for wedding centrepieces, as you have the opportunity to fully express yourself and choose whichever designs your heart desires.

Wildflower place cards

While traditional place cards can typically be recycled, the manufacturing and printing process can negatively impact the environment. Instead of opting for these, consider having wildflower place cards instead.

Made with recycled materials and embedded with wildflower seeds, these place cards can be taken home as souvenirs and planted in your guests’ gardens. Wildflowers are great for the environment, promoting all kinds of insects and wildlife to visit the area. Not only that, but they’ll be a lasting memory of your special day.

Paper lanterns

If you’re looking to create an enchanting and whimsical atmosphere at your wedding, look no further than paper lanterns. They can be made from biodegradable materials such as rice paper, and their warm glow can act as an enchanting light source for your big day.

They can be hung from trees or ceilings, or even placed on tables to act as centrepieces. They come in a wide variety of colours, but can also be further personalised by adding decorations that match your theme, such as dried flowers or ribbons. Not only are they biodegradable, but they can help to cut down on the energy used to light your wedding too.

Your wedding day is an opportunity to celebrate your love, commitment and interests. By opting to include sustainable and eco-friendly decor into your big day, you can enjoy all of the benefits of elaborate decoration but without the environmental cost. Doing some good for our planet feels good, and your efforts might even leave a lasting impression on your guests as well. So, consider incorporating some of these eco-friendly decorations into your special day.