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Welcome to Kazamor

Having fallen in love with Ibiza some 30 years ago, we decided to marry here in 2010. We struggled to find an Ibiza wedding venue that we both liked. Each venue that we visited had its pros and cons, but none of which totally fitted the bill. Having visited many hotels, venues, villas and restaurants, we settled on one that met some of our needs, but far from all.

Once the wedding was thoroughly enjoyed and life resumed to normality, we both felt what Ibiza needed was a versatile venue where you could customise and tailor to your own requirements; one that you didn’t have to hire for a week, you didn’t have to dine from their set menu and you didn’t have to take their full package. What Ibiza did need, was somewhere that offered a variety of choices and exclusivity. A venue was needed where you could choose to hire for a day, where you could decide on the catering requirements and could customise and create your own theme.

We slept, we dreamt, dreams can come true. Here we are eleven years later, living the dream! Welcome to Kazamor.

Many people have asked why we named the venue Kazamor. The name Kazamor derives from two things, my childhood name Kaz and the amor/love that we and our family have for this island.  As a family run business, we would like to share our love of Ibiza with you and help make your dreams come true.

Karen & Ged

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Make Kazamor exclusively yours

Whether you would like to hire Kazamor for an anniversary, birthday party, bar, wedding, or any other special occasion, we offer an unparalleled setting for private events.

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